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Ticketeer combines an intuitive flow chart based interface with powerful tools and features to help you keep track of people and tasks in your projects. With ticketeer simplicity and accesibility is key - no matter how experienced you are or what device you use ticketeer is always there to connect you and your team to the task at hand.
In the section below you can read more about what makes ticketeer so great.


Learning to use a new complex system can be a great challenge and if a system is too hard to learn people might hesitate to use it. In a system like this it's important that everyone is on board so that all tasks end up in the same place. We've therefore tried our hardest to make the interface as easy to learn and use as possible.

To-Do Lists

Our personalized To-Do lists let you combine tasks assigned to you from different boards into one or more task collections/To-Do lists. You can then choose to display what place each task has in your queue giving your clients or co-workers a better grasp of when to expect the job to be done.

Custom Notifications

Set up individual notification rules for each board you're a member of. You will then receive an e-mail when the desired events occurs - for example if a new task is added to a certain column or if a comment is added to a task. Many similar systems either bug you too much or doesn't notify you enough - now this is up to you!


Ever so often a problem is much easier to describe with a picture and sometimes some extra documentation goes a long way. We've therefore added the possibility to safely attach files to your tasks that only logged in board members can download.

Real-time collaboration

When working with others your board content will change frequently and on screen information risks being outdated. Where similar services would require your input to fetch the latest information ticketeer keeps your board updated automatically in real-time.


No matter what you do there always seems to be someone with a keen interest in how much time you've spent and on what. We've therefore integrated a one click timer into every task for hassle free time logging and summarizing.

Board search

A powerful free-text search engine that makes it easy to find that task, comment or file your forgot where you put. The results are displayed by task highlighting to maintain awareness of where in the board the content resides.

Current actions

This is a list located in your dashboard where you can see what all your co-workers accross all your boards are working with at the moment. This gives a great overview and better understanding accross your team.

Task tags

When alot of tasks come into play and the priority flag just isn't enough to distinguish them the way you want it's time to start taging! You could for example give your tasks tags with different profit levels.

Task filters

This feature is directly linked to the "Task tags" feature and gives you the ability to quickly filter your task lists to highlight the tasks matching your preferences. These filters are also available in the time report.

Board reports

This is basically the same as the standard time report but instead of limiting the report to your own times you can collect times from everybody within a board to get a quick time summary of an entire project.

Task templates

When you're working with complex reccuring tasks it's good to be able to copy the text and checkboxes from similar tasks. All you need to do is select a task you want as template then load it when creating a new task.